Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Panama Mission Trip Overview Video

Each Mission Trip we take, an attempt is made to encapsulate the trip in a video that is shown at various churches and ministries. If you would like a higher quality version of this video, please contact me at markredd@markredd.com and I can email this in a DVD Format.

Feeding Center in Ali Ghandi

Ali Gandi has had a Feeding Center for over 20 years. This center feeds children 1 meal a day. At one point, they were feeding over 400 meals a day. They now feed the children the Hospital diagnosis as malnourished. Currently, that is about 100-125 Children Daily.

This will be a new location for this ministry. The Mission Team enlarged the foundation and added a water tower to give the center a constant source of water.

This Feeding Center was started and is sponsored by Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Gruver. More information on the center can be found by clicking here.

Proclaimers to Kuna Pastors

This is Lino Smith distributing Proclaimers to Kuna Pastors from several of the surrounding islands in the Kuna Yalla. These Proclaimers were given by Faith Comes by Hearing based in Albuquerque New Mexico. They have an amazing ministry distributing these solar powered audio New Testaments around the world.

Each Pastor will take these Proclaimers and start small group studies based on the listening of the Word of God. The solar and/or crank power is extremely beneficial as most of the Kuna Islands have no or limited electricity.

It will be interesting on subsequent visits to hear about the progress these Proclaimers have allowed these Pastors to make on their islands.

Lino Smith is our primary interpretor while we are in the Kuna Yalla.

You can look closely at the Proclaimers and learn more about the ministries of Faith Comes by Hearing by clicking here.

Addressing the Chiefs in Congress on Ali Ghandi

It is a great honor to be invited into Congress where the Kuna Chiefs address, teach and rule during these weekly meetings. We were invited by the Chiefs to receive a greeting and then address both the Chiefs, but also additional leadership of the Island. As one can see, the Chief was very pleased with our presence on Ali Ghandi.

We have used this opportunity before the spread the Gospel of Christ, but on this occasion, because of the number of the team, we were limited in the time alloted each person.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Panama Mission Trip Fishing Video

Even though the primary purpose of these trips is mission work, I strive to find time to do some fishing. This trip had a bonus - I spent 3 days before going to the Kuna Yalla fishing on the Pacific Side on Panama along the Tuna Coast. Also, I was able to do some fishing while at Ali Gandi.

Here is the video of the fishing: